Monday, May 23, 2011

Tuesday Tip - May 24th, 2011 - "Fishing the jig"

Wow!  There is a lot going on here at r.b. wright outdoors.  I am thankful for your support and for your follows. 

In today's segment I took a few extra minutes to introduce you to our ProStaff team. I understand that in our format a ProStaff member is more than a personality that you sit around and watch hunt or fish.  It is someone that can help you become a better sportsman.  At this point I have brought on three ProStaff members:

                                                   1) Terry Wright (Inshore)
                                                   2) Gordon Vanderpool (Fly Fishing)
                                                   3) Justin Harrell (Bass Fishing).

 The decisions to bring anyone is very difficult for me.  They must not only excel in their sport but they must be proficient in instruction and understand the vision of r.b. wright outdoors.  I fully believe you will enjoy getting to know these men as well as learn from each of them.

Today's tip actually focuses on Largemouth Bass and features for the first time Justin Harrell.  Justin discusses "jig fishing" and takes you step by step through the proper modification, the equipment, and then puts his knowledge to the test with great results.

It is my hope that you enjoyed this segment, you learn from this segment, and that you are able to apply this tip to your everyday application.

If you have a tip that you would like to see featured on our Tuesday's Tip -- e-mail me at - I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for your follow and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

r.b. wright


  1. Nice video and great tips! I like his explanation on rod/reel selection. I think that would be a great future segment. Rod/reel selections for various baits and presentations.

  2. Thanks Nick! Justin is a great addition for us. I agree with you that rod/reel selection would be a really good topic. The right balance and set up is overlooked by many anglers.

    Thanks for the suggestion and I'm looking forward to that one. Thanks again! r.b. wright

  3. Love the jig! I fish many types of jigs and think this is a great tutorial. Well done.

  4. Matt- Thanks! It is by far one of the best baits to throw this time of year. I am looking forward to being on the water some this weekend and it is exactly what I will be throwing. Thanks again.