Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Late April Largemouth

Fishing for Largemouth Bass is a favorite pastime for millions of sportsman and women across the country. I fell in love with it myself some 30 plus years ago when as I small child my dad and grandfather would take me fishing. There have been things that have come and gone in my life my love for the outdoors has not wavered. It is important that people understand that fishing and catching fish are two different things...especially when it comes to a creature like the Largemouth Bass.

We have had a colder than normal winter this year in NC (in spite of global warming) and it has been a fairly mild spring. However this past weekend the temperatures shot up into the low 90s....higher than normal for this time of year. I found myself deciding that it was too hot to Turkey hunt, but just right for Bass coming off the bed. After Largemouth spawn they begin feeding and with the water temperatures hovering around 75 degrees, I figured this was the right time to be on the water. The day started out great with the exception of an electrical issue with the boat that delayed me a couple of hours. I had a few strikes to start of the expedition but nothing that indicated to me these fish were very aggressive. After fishing some drop-offs and not having any luck, I struck across the lake to 2 foot water, grass beds, Cypress trees (and their intricate root system) and sandy bottoms. The results were much better. In video below you will see me hook a monster Bass. I said on the tape that this fish would have gone 8lbs....truthfully it more than likely in the 10-12 lb range. It threw the hook right at the boat...I was by myself, no net and could not get into a position to lip the Bass. I know you are laughing saying..typical fishing story...but trust me on this one. I caught a fish shortly after that was smaller than "the one that got away" and she was 22 inches in length, 15 inches in diameter and approximately 8 lbs. Also note that I was not able to get the second fish on camera due to low battery, no cameraman this day...however I did get some pictures of the fish prior to release and I will post those as soon as I get them downloaded from the other camera.

It was 1:30 in the afternoon, 93 degrees and the water temperature was 76 degrees. Each of these fish were hooked at the base of Cypress Trees (10 yards from each other) using a 10 inch pumpkin seed Gulp! worm. (Best bait on the market in my opinion - notice I do not have any advertisements from them)

What I can tell you is this....Largemouth Bass can be patterned - I guarantee that in similar conditions I can go back to these spots with very similar results. I know this because under these same two trees I have caught fish of this or close to this caliber numerous times. I also understand an important fact....80% of Largemouth Bass can be found in 20% of any given body of water. Know their habitat, learn their patterns and you will catch more fish. In the next few series we will discuss into detail the how to pattern Largemouth and help you take your Bass fishing to the next level....thanks for stopping by and see you next time.

r.b. wright