Monday, May 11, 2009

Cold front cools off fish...

I stated in my last blog that given similar conditions I could duplicate the result of my Bass fishing experience from two weeks. Determined to prove my point I set off early Mother's Day morning to relive the excitement of late April. The water temperature was 80 degrees and the wind was steady out of the North. (Note two weeks ago it was blowing from the South) I fished as hard as I have fished in years and for the time that I can remember I got skunked. Why is this? Guys and ladies always remember to check the weather not only for winds, storms, and temperature but also for impending fronts. I failed to take into account an approaching cold front. We have experienced a 20 degree or better drop in 24 hours. Bass are keenly aware of changing weather conditions. They will feed fiercely before a cold mistake was waiting about 12 hours too late.
I have said to many people over the years - I have no problem admitting a mistake! I was 100% correct in my previous blog stating that I could duplicate the results under similar conditions...but remember this note this....I spoke to no one who caught fish this day. Upcoming weather is as important, if not more important in Bass fishing as current weather conditions.
Thanks for the follow...hope you learned from my mistake.
Be safe, have fun and watch the WEATHER channel.
r.b. wright