Monday, May 23, 2011

Our newest series..."The Frugal Outdoorsman" - Ground Blinds

As r.b. wright outdoors continues to grow, we are introducing new segments to our line up. Today I am very proud to introduce the first segment of “The Frugal Outdoorsman”. In these somewhat difficult economic times, many outdoorsmen are looking for ways that they can still enjoy the outdoors without busting their budget. This series will feature tips by outdoorsmen from across the country. I must admit that it has been “pretty cool” seeing these tips first hand.

This first segment of “The Frugal Outdoorsman” features someone I consider to be the true definition of “frugal”. Lenox Harrelson has been a friend, hunting/fishing companion, and outdoor mentor of mine for many years. In fact my girls refer to him as “Uncle Lenox”. What really impresses me about Lenox is watching him in the field and the materials he uses to meet his outdoor needs. I assure you that Lenox will be a regular on these segments and you will enjoy getting to know him. When I was first thinking of this series I went and had a conversation with Lenox in his garage. We discussed many of the items he uses in the field and decided to begin with one of my favorites…the ground blind. This segment will show the materials you need and take you step by step on how to build your own “mobile” ground blind for under $20.00. (By the way…using this budget you actually have enough materials for TWO). These blinds are very effective, very affordable, and you get the added bonus of truly doing it yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this segemnt and I look forward to your feedback.

Thank you for your follow.

r.b. wright

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