Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5th, 2011 - Tuesday's Tip - "Tandem Nymph Rig"

I have always looked at a master fly fisherman as a “true outdoor artist.” Recently I had the privilege of fishing with such an artist. Professional guide Gordon Vanderpool of Turning Stones Fly Fishing is based in Franklin, NC. Although I have had some experience fly fishing, I asked Gordon to treat me as though I was one of clients who knew nothing about the sport. Gordon does an excellent job of explaining in detail the how, where, and why of fly fishing. I look to forward to releasing the two part video segment that includes an in-depth interview with Gordon in the next couple of weeks.

With spring in the air - fly fishing is on the mind of many of our viewers and followers. I thought it would be a great time to feature Gordon on this week’s Tuesday Tip. Make certain you watch the video below for detailed instructions on how to set-up and fish the “Tandem Nymph Rig.”

I greatly appreciate your follow and hope that you enjoyed this week’s Tuesday Tip.

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r.b. wright


  1. RB,

    Great learning for me. I had no idea that fly fishing was that technical. Thanks for sharing. Keep team coming.

  2. A great tactic and a really nice explanation! I'd fish a multiple fly rig more often if I could keep 'em from ending up around my ears. :)

  3. Very nice video...I often fish multiple fly rigs - be it a dry/nymph tandem or a string of nymphs, all are quite effective. Thanks for the post!

  4. Kerry -- Thanks for the comment and I am glad these help! Fly fishing is technical...but I am learning more and more from these masters that it really is an art form. Did you ever think Owl Jones would be considered an artist?

    Owl -- for some reason the ear piercing does not surprise me! lol Thanks for the comment and we are trying to finish your video review up - do not give up on me! Great flies BTW - getting them filmed in action so hang in there!

    Tourtrageous - Thanks for the comment - I really appreciate the "king of trout" stopping by to see what we are doing and appreciate even more that you liked our tip! Thanks again

  5. this was some great information!! I have never fished a multiple rig, maybe I am old school but I need get in with what works.

  6. Dustin - Thanks! I am an old school guy myself and I must admit when you think about this rig and setup...it makes sense. I hope you try it. I hope it works and I look forward to hearing the results! Thanks for stopping by.