Thursday, April 7, 2011

This was really fun...

By now it is no secret to anyone that know me that I truly like Camp Dog Cajun Seasoning.  What you may not know is that Papa Scott has introduced two new combos under the r.b. choices. (yes that makes me smile a little)  The combos are "Batter Up and Hush" and "Shake, Batter, and Roll".  Both of the combos contain Papa Scott's Famous Fish Fry Batter and hush Puppy Mix and the second combo also includes a can of Camp Dog Cajun Seasoning.  This past weekend I went to a fish fry at the home of some very good friends of mine.  I surprised them with the "Shake, Batter, and Roll" Combo and one of our cameras.  We had a great time introducing them to Camp Dog.  Take a couple of minutes and watch the clip below and see the "true results" of this impromptu taste test.

If you are new to Camp Dog or if you are a long time user ... I want to hear what you think about this product.  You can e-mail me ( or leave a comment here.

Thanks for your follow and I look forward to hearing from you.

r.b. wright


  1. It's official...I need to get some Camp Dog.

  2. troutrageous1 - lol - yes you do. I do not think you will be disappointed. I do not endorse something unless I like it. If you decide to try it -- let me know what you think.

    tight lines my friend - r.b.

  3. Holy cow! You can go on the website and get a sample of two kinds of seasoning for a dollar! Just sent them a buck! ( And my biggest fear is that I'll be needing to buy alot more! ;) )

  4. I just ordered up the sample myself. Can't wait to give it a try.