Monday, June 20, 2011

Outdoorsman 360 : "Credit and the Outdoorsman"

The purpose of Outdoorsman 360 again is to enable the everyday outdoorsman with the knowledge in three major areas - Health, Finance, and Life Balance.  Today's segment falls under the finance category.

The are few things more frustrating and stress inducing than issues regarding credit.  Today I am joined by longtime friend, Jordan Goldberg.  Jordan is an 18 year veteran of the credit industry.  He shares his insight regarding the factors that make up the credit score, how to protect your credit, and some tips on how to get off all those mailing lists!

I know many of you are still wondering about what Health, Finance, and Life Balance has to do with hunting and fishing.  It is simple - reduce the factors that create outside distractions and stress so you can enjoy your passion more.

I hope that you found this segment educational and helpful.  I also want to hear from you about what topics you would like to see us address on Outdoorman 360.  You can e-mail me at  I appreciate your feedback and look forward tohearing from you.

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r.b. wright

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  1. a very good discussion and topic... for someone who is starting over again like me. this is very helpful. thanks!