Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Cooking with Uncle Lenox" - Feral Pig Ribs

WOW! There is a lot going on here at r.b. wright outdoors! We recently began releasing several different segments from some new series we have begun.  Today is no different.  Our latest series is entitled "Cooking with Uncle Lenox".  Lenox has been a friend of mine for many years and I have grown to appreciate his wit, outdoor wisdom, and his cooking expertise.  I am certain you will grow to appreciate him as well.  Today he is demonstrating the one of the best ways to prepare Feral Pig Ribs.


If you have questions about this segment or if you have an outdoor dish you would ike to see Lenox prepare please e-mail us at

As always I greatly appreciate your follow and look forward to talking to you again soon.
rb. wright


  1. How were the ribs? Did they taste like sweet potatoes?

  2. They turned out fantastic! I was actually thinking some baked sweet potatoe fries (with Camp Dog of course) to go along with the ribs, corn, and onions would have been great. :)

  3. now that the weather is slowly becoming good and summer is coming... i think your blog is a good find for me...

    nice! nice! nice!


  4. ahhh... now that's what I'm talking about. I've got to cook my next pig this way. Thanks for the insight.

    Pastor Kerry