Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to help a friend in need

I am not really sure how this happens every year at this time. I am trying to finish up loose ends at my "real job", find time to get into the woods, and complete my Christmas shopping. Deer season here ends January 1st but my Christmas shopping season ends tomorrow. I began my quest for making certain I had just the right presents for everyone tonight. What in the world was I thinking?!? I live here in Fayetteville, NC - we are home to what will soon be (if it is not already) the largest military installation in the world. Every one and their brother was shopping tonight. I have my three girls and my wife on the list, my father, and my brother-in-law. I ended up somehow at Gander Mountain. I was able to knock out dad and Peter pretty quick. However with daughters who are 6,9,and 10 plus a wife whose idea of loving the outdoors is loving me...Gander Mountain was not going to work. Then something happened that caused me to become completely sidetracked. (dramatic pause) As I sat in the parking lot of Gander Mountain I received a phone call from a buddy of mine who has a problem. Being that this is the season of giving - I realized that I could very well help him with this issue he is dealing with....HOGS....and a lot of them. He has a farm in Johnston County that has seen a tremendous explosion in wild hogs. The animals are a nuisance and will destroy everything in their path. Again, being the kind hearted soul that I am, I agreed to help do what we (I and my entourage) could to help him in his time of need. We have set a date for next Monday - I will post any videos and pictures from this adventure. Now, fear not, my daughters and my darling wife will all be taken care of -- but you cannot blame me for listening to a man in his time of need and offering my services. (this is just the type of guy I am)

On a more serious note; this is still my favorite time of the year no matter how hectic it seems to get. There really is something  special about spending time with family and friends. There is an awesomeness watching your kids get excited over Santa Clause. There are few words that I can find to express that emotion and peace I feel when I climb into a duckblind, deerstand, or just walk through the woods in December. It is one of the few times that the world just seems right.

I love my family. I love the outdoors. The combination of these two give allow me to truly love life. If you are reading this blog then you know of what I speak.

Final thoughts --- Merry Christmas. I hope that you enjoy the time with your family, friends, and time to yourself outdoors. Also - if you find yourself in a situation similar to the one my good friend found himself in - do not hesitate to reach out. I assure you I will do everything I can to help you in your time of need.

Merry Christmas,

r.b wright


  1. Hahaha! A friend in need is a friend indeed! I think you made the right choice! Merry Christmas.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours! I hope it was the best yet!

  3. Jake and Kari -- Thanks! and I hope that both of you had a wonderful Christmas.