Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Get in shape - get the edge

I know that this video is long…in fact it is about five minutes longer than I like to post. The subject matter however is important so if you can – watch and let me know whether or not you agree. I have realized over the last few months that I AM OUT OF SHAPE. This is something that is becoming more apparent as I grow older. It is the culmination of this thought, gentle hints from my wife, and the onset of 2011 that I realize that now is the time I need to do something about it. The benefits of being healthy for anyone is overwhelming, but if you are having difficulty finding motivation and you are an avid outdoorsman, allow me the opportunity to offer a few benefits that may awaken your “motivation cells”:

1. Stamina

2. Mental focus

3. Confidence

These are but a few benefits that we in the field can use to our advantage. Stay tuned for an upcoming challenge for 2011. No entry fees. No prizes. A simple challenge and accountability set-up for those who love the outdoors that are serious about getting healthy and having an edge in 2011.  I am considering using Fridays as the day we focus on health.

It will also be the day that those who are setting their goals can post their successes and/or failures.

 I know that if someone is holding me accountable, I work harder.  Just my thought -- looking forward to hearing yours.

r.b. wright

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  1. Accountability is certainly a motivator! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us.