Monday, March 7, 2011

Something a little different...

I generally try to concentrate my posts on product reviews, hunting tips, fishing tips, or general outdoor topics.  However tonight while in my office reviewing some files, I found myself thinking about my business and my business relationships.  This post is a result of that thought process -- thank you for reading.

Is it not funny when we hear the phrase, "And now a word from our sponsor" we begin thinking – “Do they really use that product?” or “They are just saying those words because they are being paid to endorse.”  Do not be fooled….not all sponsor relationships are the same.

When I first began this venture of r.b. wright outdoors, I made a commitment to myself and my entire organization (which at the time was just my wife, three daughters, and dog) that I would never endorse a product that I would not personally use. I have stood by this and my relationship with Papa Scott and Camp Dog Cajun Seasoning is no exception to this rule.

I came across Camp Dog after searching for literally 3 1/2 years for a Cajun blend that compared to a flavor I discovered while goose hunting in Louisiana. I truthfully had all but given up, thinking I would never find this flavor packaged anywhere. I came across the Camp Dog website in early January and decided to order the original blend. As soon as I broke the seal I knew this was the real deal. We have used this on Pork Chops, Pheasant, Salmon, and Goose as a rub. We have also used this on Sweet Potatoes, Eggs, Shrimp, and a sundry of vegetables. I can say with all honesty – this is my favorite seasoning in our home.

I pursued the relationship with Papa Scott because I knew two things: 1) I would use this product. 2) I could, without any hesitation, endorse this product.  As of this week,  I am proud to be a part of the Camp Dog team and sponsored by truly good people with a truly great product.

It is with that thought, that I would like to offer a fun challenge to you. Visit Papa Scott’s website… or click the Camp Dog logo at the top right corner of this page. Find the product that best suits your taste or take the free sample option. After you try the product, let me know "Your favorite Camp Dog application.” I am sincerely interested in seeing how you use this product.

If you do not know what to try it on….try Sweet Potato Fries – one of my favorites!

Have fun and I look forward to hearing from you.

r.b. wright


  1. Spicy sweet potato fries? YUMMY! I'm going to have to give those a try for sure!

  2. Kari -- YES YOU DO! I promise - you will love it! Thanks!

  3. It is by far the best Cajun Seasoning we have tried. So many uses for it and you are not restricted as to what you use it on. We have used it on chicken, beef,fish and in chili. It is very good stuff!!!. I would suggest anyone that reads this to try it out!

  4. Weekend Fisherman -- Thanks for that! It is awesome too see folks from all over the country talking about how much they enjoy Camp Dog. I always talk about the original seasoning, but they also have hush puppy mix, fish fry mix, and a mild blend seasoning. Very impressive line products and they are really very impressive people.