Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fishing with my girls...the way they tell it.

Once again I find myself commending the Outdoor Blogging Network (OBN) as a result of reading the latest “writing prompt.”   I could spend days, even weeks, writing about the countless memories I have of learning to fish under the instruction of my father and my grandfather. I could tell you of the many days my friends and I would slip through the woods, across Blake’s field, and fish for hours from a bridge into the ditch of a creek catching very small pan fish. I could tell you many stories about that time in my life – but I chose not to. Instead, I look forward to sharing  my greatest “childhood fishing memory” through the eyes of my three daughters. There are three different perspectives…three different trips…and three different fish; however there is one common theme – they each began to understand why I love to fish and I could see the love beginning to develop in them. I appreciate you taking the time to read their perspectives.

Ashtin – 6 years old - First Grade

Ashtin, her big Bream and me.

One day, I went fishing with my daddy and Uncle Lenox. We were fishing for a long time. My cork went under the water. It made me feel good and happy. I knew I had a fish. I reeled it up. I saw the fish and it was a Bream. He had yellow on his neck and his eyes were brown. He flapped his fins and wiggled. My daddy unhooked the fish and we took a picture. I was really happy. Then we threw the fish back in the water. We wanted to let it live.

I am happy that we let it go because the fish likes his home. He has food, a family, and friends there and the canal where we fish is clean. Uncle Lenox feeds the fish every day. Nobody throws trash in the canal. That keeps it nice for the fish. I love fishing with Daddy and Uncle Lenox. I love the fish too. I want them to have a nice home so they are happy and I can keep fishing.

Jillian and her first fish...Bass!
Jillian – 9 years old - fourth grade

One day  my sisters Emma and Ashtin,my step-dad and I went to Uncle Lenox’s house to go fishing. It was a beautiful afternoon. First, we ate lunch because everyone was starving. We had peanut butter and jelly and it was awesome! Then, we got our gear and rods. Uncle Lenox went to get bait. He came out with some crickets and worms. When it was time to put the bait on, the only thing I would touch is the worms…definitely not the crickets.  I put my line into the water. Next, I waited and waited and waited…then I finally saw my line go side to side and back and forth. I really was not looking but, sure enough Uncle Lenox was. He told me that I needed to pay attention!! When I pulled it up, there was a huge bass. I was so excited and everyone took pictures. That’s the day I caught my first fish and I would not have been able to catch that bass if there was trash in the water. Also we should remind ourselves if we throw trash out in the water, animals could mistake it as food.  Liek I said, I am glad that people at the lake do not throw trash in the water or I would not have been able to catch my first fish.

Emma – 10 years old - fourth grade

Emma and her "hammerhead" Bream
 'Tweet, Tweet' went the birds. It was a beautiful afternoon at the lake and we were going fishing. I had NO idea what was in store for that day. "Are you coming?", I called over my shoulder to Daddy and my little sister Ashtin. We had to go across the street to the little pier. When we got there, we got our rods ready and got them in the water. At that very moment I felt a tug. All of a sudden, that tug turned into a pull that got faster and faster and faster! I started winding it in as it darted back and forth, side to side. I kept trying to wind it in. "I can do it" I thought to myself as Daddy was telling me what to do and Ashtin was standing off to the side staring at me . Finally, it was getting close to the pier. It felt pretty heavy as I pulled it up to the pier. When we finally got it up, I carefully took the hook out of his mouth. He was a Bream. I got a picture or two with him then let him go.

Walking back home, I realized that we might not have the ponds, lakes, and beaches we have today if we waste water and litter. We could really hurt animals. If we litter, animals could mistake it and eat it. If we waste water, not only are we hurting animals and taking away their water, we are also hurting people…without water we cannot survive.

I really enjoy being a father – but I love being a Dad. Admittedly, these girls are not the biggest fans in the world of my hunting, and I understand that, at their age right now, they do not fully grasp the true “spirit” of hunting. However, these girls love to fish. It is an incredible feeling to be on a boat, shoreline, or pier with any one of  my three daughters. Our conversations may not seem very deep while we are fishing – but they touch the inner depths of my soul. God in His infinite Wisdom chose not to give me boys --- instead he gave me girls. I am thankful. I love their perspectives. I love their companionship…and yes, I am even learning to love "pink" fishing rods.

Thanks again for the read and follow.

r.b. wright


  1. Great stories and use of the prompt!

  2. What a great entry and to Ashtin, Jillian and Emma, thank you for sharing your fishing stories with all of us. You have made my day!