Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Congratulations to an old friend

Many times you will see hunters posting pictures of deer they have killed and bragging about what a mighty hunter they are...not here. Those of you that know me understand that I spend the majority of my professional life educating clients. I found during these experiences that the greatest classes are the ones when I learn from those attending. I do consider myself an avid outdoorsman and quite versed in the arena of hunting and fishing, especially in southeastern NC, however I am also learning from those who I hunt and fish with. Chris Baynes in no exception to this. A real estate agent by trade, Chris is one of the nicest, knowledge, and most professional people you will meet. He is also one of the best deer hunters I know. I have had the opportunity to work side by side with Chris and hunt with him a few times over the years. I have always walked away from each experience better for it. In fact, I killed my first ten point buck hunting with Chris, an experience that I will never forget. Chris and I communicate these days primarily through e-mail/telephone and we often talk of hunting together again soon. Chris and I were talking last week and he sent me a picture of 13 point buck he harvested. This is a beautiful deer and unfortunately the pictures do not do it justice. He told me that when he first saw the deer, it was behind some bushes so he could not see the full rack and did not think it was a shooter. However, when he emerged, Chris realized this was the deer he had been hunting all season.
Chris and I have learned a lot from each other over the years. The greatest lesson I learned from him though can be applied to both hunting and life...which by the way, most things about hunting can be applied to everyday life. The lesson, in my words, is simply what we do today will produce tomorrow's results. Whether you are prospecting for sales leads or working 9 months out of the year on food plots, scouting, and deer stands - there must be work before there can be results.
So I say to my good friend Chris -- Congratulations on a well deserved trophy. By the way....Chris - my schedule is open the last week of this year. I would love to go harvest one of your deer. :)
Happy hunting friends and e-mail pictures of your deer. I would love to post them.
r.b. wright

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  1. R.B. Your right on about learning from others that is the best way to gain knowledge about anything.