Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thumbs up to Vistaprint!

As a business owner I learned a long time ago that you must control overhead in every facet of your business.  In the economy we are currently dealing with this is even more true.  I would like to send out a resounding thank you to a company that is helping us keep our bottom line in check…Vistaprint.  Although we are a company centered around the outdoors (hunting and fishing) ... we are still a business.  The amount of letterhead, envelopes, folders, and cards that we need to continually market our company is tremendous.  Vistaprint has met our challenges each and every time.

During the initial start up of r.b. wright outdoors, I spoke with many of the local printers that I have had relationships with for years.  Although the quotes I received were fair, they were still higher than what I received from Vistaprint  I must admit that I was concerned that I would be sacrificing quality (both in customer service and product) by using an “online” company.  In truly looking at bottom line I chose to use Vistaprint.  I was pleasantly surprised that the online and telephone customer service was excellent and the product arrived earlier than I expected. 

Click here for Vistaprint

 If you are a business owner (no matter the industry) or if you have personal printing needs click  the Vistaprint logo on the left of this page.  I know you will be as happy as we were.

Thanks for your follow and look for our new website coming online next week. 

 We look forward to talking with you soon.

r.b. wright

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